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  • Hello ZT6 subgroup team! The Data pillar subgroup has been internally developing and reviewing the Guidance for Identification of Protect Surface paper which is now further along and ready to include others in the process. As the Applications and ...

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  • Thank you for joining Pillar 6 - Applications & Workload Working Group. I, Angell will be co-leading this effort with Erik Johnson, Chris Steffen, Jery Chapman, and Jason Garbis to guide and drive the deliverables for this CSA Zero Trust workstream with ...

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  • Hello from the new ZT6 co-lead, Steve Guilford

    Hello ZT Workgroup and Pillar-6 (Applications & Workload) members;

    I am Steve Guilford and I am very pleased to have this opportunity to introduce myself to you. I have volunteered for a leadership role in the ZT Pillar-6 focus area - Applications and Workloads. I'd like to thank Erik Johnson, Christopher Steffen, Emily Everett and Jerry Chapman for welcoming into the leadership group.

    Please join me as we kick off our regular, bi-weekly meeting starting on Wednesday, August 9th at 9AM Pacific.

    Our first order of business will be to get started on defining the 'zero-trust protect surface' as it pertains to applications and workloads, taking into consideration how that then feeds down to the data layer. What's a 'protect surface' you may ask? Well, it's the things we need to protect! Data, applications, API's etc.

    This will prove to be an interesting area of research as we delve into the very heart of how we build and thus protect the applications that consume data.
    I've been active in the software industry since 1982. For the last 30 years, I have focused on developing tools, frameworks and techniques for use by other programmers. Software that I have created has been used by F100 companies, healthcare, defense, insurance and more. I have 6 patents in my name. My main line of focus is on the Oracle Database and related technologies. I am fluent in multiple programming languages and methodologies with a preference for Linux based systems. I feel as though my background gives me some unique insight and ability to help guide this area of the ZT specification.

    Over 40 years, my mix of experience with large enterprise applications and nuts-and-bolts systems integration has brought me to a uniquely data-driven perspective when it comes to applications and workload. As I see it, all of our business logic and related apparatus needs to be secured just as-if it were another data type; because, really, it is!! I plan to work in close conjunction with the leadership in ZT7 - Data, because data needs to be as close to the logic as possible in order to achieve true, granular security.

    I look forward to discussing these topics and more with all ZT6 participants next Tuesday, August 8th.
    Please feel free to reach out to me if you feel as though my expertise and experience can help you in any regard. I also know a thing or two about restoring old 1970's era Mercedes Benz cars and sailing old boats, so I can help with that too!

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