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Keeping up with log4shell aka CVE-2021-44228 aka the log4j version 2

+ Released: December 16, 2021

Got Vulnerability? Cloud Security Alliance Wants to Identify It

+ Released: July 15, 2021

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  • I've written it up in past: This talks about the GSD minimum case and ideal case(s), and links to others: Other security data format examples: ...

  • This is excellent!  Is there a specific list of things we know are missing with OSV?  I think it makes sense to at least try and work with ossf to get it extended.  It does already allow for a database_specific field which can contain any JSON at both ...

  • Excellent content!  Regarding OSV format, do we have a list of what we believe is missing?  I think it makes sense to work with the ossf to get it extended where possible.  Also, the schema contains a database_specific field which can hold any JSON at ...

  • From an email I sent earlier: This is part of what we're building with the community. So Josh Bressers/Buker/myself have some generally simple/concrete ideas: 1) Data format (use OSV for now) 2) Data store (GitHub) 3) Data presentation (Josh Buker has ...

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  • Hi all, if you were unable to make yesterday's kickoff call (or just want to give it another watch!), the recording is now available on CSA's YouTube channel: This is also a great place to discuss takeaways from the meeting, ...

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