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  • Hi All, NIST just published for comment NIST Internal Report NIST IR 8496 ipd Data Classification Concepts and Considerations for Improving Data Protection. This publication defines basic terminology and explains fundamental concepts in data classification ...

  • 2023 THALES DATA THREAT REPORT REVEALS INCREASE IN RANSOMWARE ATTACKS AND HUMAN ERROR AS MAIN CAUSE OF CLOUD DATA BREACHES 2023 Thales Data Threat Report Reveals Increase in Ransomware Attacks and Human Error as Main Cause of Cloud Data Breaches | ...

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    Hi Alex / Shruti, The zoom meeting link mentioned in the data pillar community page (https://circle.cloudsecurityalliance.org/community-home1?CommunityKey=d53369a3-3c40-45fe-937e-0185310f968d) does not seem to be working. Is there any other meeting ...

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