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  • Hi Alberto, I and the whole SDP and Zero Trust WG thank you for your efforts! ------------------------------ Michael Roza CPA, CISA, CIA, MBA, Exec MBA ------------------------------

  • Hello, Would this training be focused on People with IT knowlgde already? I would like to know more to check if it can help some initiatives. Best Regards. ------------------------------ Igor Max Fernandes Vieira ------------------------------

  • I've had the pleasure to present this study at the Infoblox Exchange Milan Much appreciated from the audience Thanks Alberto ------------------------------ Alberto Manfredi MBA|CISSP|CISA|CRISC|CCSK ...

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    This Week’s Word of the Week is: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR)! BCDR is the implementation of measures designed to ensure operational resiliency in the event of any service interruptions. Within the cloud, BCDR is a shared responsibility. ...

  • Hi all, just wanted to draw your attention to the upcoming talk "Preventing Database Breaches with Application-Layer Encryption" by Philip Vejre, Cryptographer (PhD) and Tech Lead at CYBERCRYPT. This is more of an introduction to the topic, but if ...


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  • Seeking co-chair for the Cloud Key Mgmt working group!

    Dear Circle members,
    The Cloud Security Alliance is looking for a new co-chair for the Cloud Key Management working group.
    The main purpose of the Cloud Key Management Working Group is to educate and guide the use of traditional and cloud key management systems with and between cloud services.

    The chair/co-chair will lead the working group while steering the focus of the topic of the working group, suggest new activities, and ensure forward progress for the working group. 

    To lead the working group through the business of completing the tasks required in order to meet the mandate and objectives of the working group as they are formed in the working group's charter document.

      • Prepare agenda for meeting/call
      • Delegate responsibilities to committee members
      • Use the committee's mandate and objectives to guide work of committee
      • Involve all members in the decision making
      • Keep a written file of work of committee and working group
      • Schedule deliverables and set milestones towards completion of deliverables.
      • Draft proposed resolutions (motions) for inclusion in written reports
      • Orchestrate contributions to the produced working group documents by different volunteers
      • Judge items in or out of scope for the Group.
    • Revises deliverables timeline as needed.
    • Stay up-to-date with all phases of a policy proposal relevant to the WG

    What we're looking for in a chair:
    • Experience in chairing similar groups, committees, and/or conferences;
    • Previous participation or technical contributions in related communities;
    • Ability to satisfy the time commitment;
    • Ability to keep the Working Group "in Charter";
    Anyone with technical expertise on the topic that satisfies the above criteria is welcomed to declare their interest, until Friday 6th of May.

    Candidates need to provide:
    • Bio and how it relates to the Cloud Key Mgmt topic
    • Ideas for the working group roadmap
    • What role can the working group have for the Cloud Key Mgmt industry
    and will then be chosen through a voting tool.

    If interested, please communicate with [email protected]
    Best regards,

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