Advanced Cloud Security Practitioner (ACSP)

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ACSP certification and updates

  • 1.  ACSP certification and updates

    Posted Aug 18, 2022 12:45:00 PM

    Are there any plans to offer a certification around Advanced Cloud Security Practitioner (ACSP) like the CCSK and CCAK?

    I am new to the community so I don't know the history, but this seems like something with a lot of potential for an advanced non-vendor specific cloud certification, and the name and logo already look (to me) like it is a certification path. 

    Also, I am curious if this is still being actively developed and offered, as there hasn't been any recent posts here, and I don't see it listed on the agenda for SECtember. I'm hoping it is, because this seems like an important niche to fill in the industry. I would be interesting in learning what I might do to help out with this, if possible.



    Christopher Byrd CCSK
    Saint Louis MO