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CCM V4 - ZT CISA Maturity Model Architecture Mapping (Call for Experts)

  • 1.  CCM V4 - ZT CISA Maturity Model Architecture Mapping (Call for Experts)

    Posted Apr 09, 2024 07:25:00 AM
    Edited by Lefteris Skoutaris Apr 17, 2024 07:52:00 AM

    Dear members,

    CSA and the CCM WG would like to invite you to a mapping activity between the Cloud Controls Matrix V4 and the CISA ZT Maturity Model architecture. You can get a quick overview of the mapping process and ongoing work here.

    During our next CCM WG calls, we are going to put together a group of SMEs who will drive this mapping activity towards its finalization.

    The objectives of this activity are two-fold:

    1. Mapping: To identify what CCM controls are relevant to support the Governance, Implementation and Operation of a ZT Architecture for use across cloud computing.
    2. Gap Analysis: Identify potential gaps and areas of misalignment between CCM V4 and ZT architecture, strategy and best practices, and provide input and recommendations to the CCM WG for the
      • Future update of the CCM (improving existing controls and/or adding new ones)
      • Extend CCM implementation guidelines with ZT-specific Implementation guidance

    Should you be interested in participating, please consider joining our CCM WG calls.

    Looking forward to hearing from you and working together on this exciting project.

    Lefteris Skoutaris
    Cloud Controls Matrix, Program Manager
    Cloud Security Alliance