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CSA ASEAN Summit 2022 talk by Dr. Chakan PRAMKAEW

  • 1.  CSA ASEAN Summit 2022 talk by Dr. Chakan PRAMKAEW

    Posted Aug 04, 2022 01:17:00 AM

    The talk on "Security on Digital Identity Platform" was presented by Dr. Chakan PRAMKAEW (CTO, National Digital Identity Company). Nowadays, digital identity is more important than ever before. Largely due to  more and more individuals using online identity on a daily basis e.g., opening a new bank account, tax filing, and requesting bank statements. National Digital ID (NDID) is the first digital id platform in Thailand that connects more than 100 companies to help them onboard their users online. To connect a hundred companies via the Internet, as a platform, we have to ensure that everyone in the network is talking to the right person, and all messages are authenticated and encrypted for the intended recipient only. A recording of his presentation can be found at https://www.csaapac.org/csaaseansummit2022.html.  

    Hing-Yan Lee (Dr.)
    EVP for Government Affairs
    Cloud Security Alliance