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CSA ASEAN 2022: Panel discussion on "AI in Cybersecurity: Hype or Reality"

  • 1.  CSA ASEAN 2022: Panel discussion on "AI in Cybersecurity: Hype or Reality"

    Posted Jul 16, 2022 07:47:00 PM
    Edited by Hing-Yan Lee Jul 16, 2022 07:47:57 PM

    There has been much discussion with the hope of AI improving our ability to handle cyber threats & malicious activities. Sophisticated machine learning algorithms would allow AI systems to be trained to detect malware, run pattern recognition, & detect even the smallest behaviors of malware or ransomware attacks before it enters the system.  However AI is not a replacement for human intelligence, it can advance cybersecurity in many ways. A key topic at this year's summit is how AI & Cybersecurity can enhance each other.  The panel discussion on "AI in Cybersecurity: Hype or Reality"  will provide insights on how AI has been used to enhance cybersecurity capabilities and how cybersecurity can help secure AI systems. The panelists will share the challenges & opportunities. The moderator is Dr. Nantawan WONGKACHONKITTI (CIO & Deputy Manager, Student Loan Funds), with panelists Laurence LIEW (Director, AI Innovation, AI Singapore), Dr. Han YU (Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technological University), & Narudom ROONGSIRIWONG (SVP, Head of Digital Architecture, Bank of Ayudhya PCL). The program & registration links are available at: https://www.csaapac.org/csaaseansummit2022.html.  


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