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CSA ASEAN Summit 2022: Talk on "AI in Healthcare"

  • 1.  CSA ASEAN Summit 2022: Talk on "AI in Healthcare"

    Posted Jul 14, 2022 05:21:00 AM
    Edited by Hing-Yan Lee Jul 14, 2022 05:21:38 AM

    The talk on "AI in Healthcare" will be given by ​Dr. James ANGLE (Co-chair, Healthcare WG, CSA & Product Manager, IT Services – Information Security, Trinity Health ). The emergence of AI as a tool for better healthcare offers opportunities to improve patient & clinical outcomes & reduce costs. Robotics & diagnosis & treatment applications can improve outcomes. Robotic process automation that performs structured digital administrative tasks can reduce cost. Big data & predictive analytics aid in improving population health. While all these uses can improve healthcare, they also come with potential pitfalls. Bias in AI presents significant challenges & can lead to false outcomes. This also presents ethical & legal challenges that must be addressed. Additionally, to be truly effective, AI requires multiple data sets & resides in the cloud, which causes concern about the privacy & security of patient data. This presentation will look at each area. The program & registration links are available at: https://www.csaapac.org/csaaseansummit2022.html.  

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