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    Posted Sep 23, 2022 06:20:00 AM

    Recent CSA blogs feature updates on securing the cloud. Learn more about shadow IT, developing Zero Trust architectures, ransomware, and creating sustainable cloud security:

    Organizations are increasingly facing blind spots known as Shadow IT: unsanctioned hardware, services, and apps that put your business at risk. This blog by Third Party Trust offers steps to minimize your organization’s blindspots. Read it now:

    With this holistic approach during build, deployment, and runtime in a cloud-native environment, DevOps teams and security teams together can help build a robust Zero Trust architecture. Read on in this blog by Tigera →

    With the threat of ransomware growing so rapidly, organizations are scrambling for the right solutions. Encryption may sound like a solid option. But is it a viable solution? Read this blog by Shard Secure to learn how to neutralize attacks →

    Software delivery processes today look nothing like they did even a few years ago. Code that used to be released a few times a year is now pushed out multiple times a day. What’s needed is sustainable cloud security. Read this blog by Dazz to learn more →

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    Orbert Reavis
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