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CSA Cambodia 2022: Talk by John DiMaria

  • 1.  CSA Cambodia 2022: Talk by John DiMaria

    Posted Aug 31, 2022 04:59:00 AM
    Edited by Hing-Yan Lee Aug 31, 2022 04:59:42 AM

    The presentation on "CSA STAR Program – Turning your Scars into STARS" will be given by John DIMARIA (Assurance Investigatory Fellow & Research Fellow, CSA).

    Cloud adoption has been growing rapidly over the years due to business benefits such as cost  savings, scalability, increased security, & ease of deployment. In 2020 the world experienced an even bigger upsurge due to the COVID pandemic. This massive growth in cloud adoption also brings about a unique set of challenges when it comes to data privacy and security. Join us on this must-attend as CSA provides you with an insight into the global growing mandate for organizational certification & details behind CSA STAR. The program & registration links are available at: https://www.csaapac.org/csacambodiavsummit2022.html

    Hing-Yan Lee (Dr.)
    EVP for Government Affairs
    Cloud Security Alliance