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CSA Kicks Off Revamped Zero Trust Working Group

  • 1.  CSA Kicks Off Revamped Zero Trust Working Group

    Posted Aug 19, 2022 12:45:00 PM
    Edited by Erik Johnson Aug 19, 2022 12:56:40 PM

    The Cloud Security Alliance is excited about launching a refocused Zero Trust Working Group in collaboration with a number of recognized industry experts.  This working group aims to help develop and socialize Zero Trust standards and guidance for secure cloud, hybrid and mobile endpoint environments. This group will have the distinct nine workstreams that address specific aspects of an end-to-end ZT architecture and implementation.


    The Zero Trust Working Group's kick-off meeting was held on August 18, 2022. We discussed plans for the working group and the various workstreams we'll be spinning up to address the broad scope of Zero Trust. Participating is a great way to meet industry peers and experts who are also focused on developing and discussing zero-trust strategies, architecture and implementation guidance. Meeting Recording:   

    Access Passcode: CSAZTWG22!

    Kickoff DeckCSA Zero Trust 2022 Kickoff.pptx


    The kickoff initiates a 30-day public review period for the draft workgroup charter: CSA Zero Trust Working Group Charter 2022.doc


    Please sign up at to be a part of this working group, whether you have years of experience or want to participate as a fly on the wall, we greatly encourage you to get involved. SMEs with ZT experience are encouraged to volunteer for a leadership role for one or more workstreams if you have the bandwidth. (BTW Registering requires creating or signing into your CSA Circle or Google account.). The specific workstreams are:


    1. Zero Trust as a Philosophy & Guiding Principles 
    2. Zero Trust Organizational Strategy & Governance
    3. Pillar: Identity*
    4. Pillar: Device
    5. Pillar: Network/Environment
    6. Pillar: Applications & Workload
    7. Pillar: Data
    8. Automation, Orchestration, Visibility & Analytics
    9. Zero Trust Architecture, Implementation, and Maturity Model

    After you've signed up to join the working group you can volunteer for specific workstreams and express interest in leadership roles by emailing [email protected]. (We're working on a more sophisticated signup page that will enable workstream and role election at signup time but it's not yet available.)


    *FYI for Identity Pillar SMEs: The ZT-related Identity and Access Management (IAM) working group has their next meeting on September 1st at 11am PDT (IAM Workgroup Meeting Zoom Link). Anyone interested in the Identity Pillar workstream for Zero Trust should consider joining the IAM working group as well, as it will collaboratively explore the topic even further. For more info reach out to [email protected].


    Coming events:

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