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CSA’s Trusted Cloud Consultant Program

  • 1.  CSA’s Trusted Cloud Consultant Program

    Posted Sep 29, 2022 06:30:00 AM

    CSA is excited to launch the Trusted Cloud Consultant (TCC) Program! This program is designed to connect enterprise organizations with qualified professional consulting services. The TCC Program allows cybersecurity consulting organizations and professionals to enhance cloud relevance by enabling them with a broad understanding of CSA’s tools and best practices.

    Trusted Cloud Consultants are qualified sources that are able to provide cloud security assessment and remediation services to enterprise organizations that need to improve their cloud security postures. The CSA TCC Program makes it easier for organizations to source and connect with recognized, trusted consultants that leverage CSA best practices. Learn about becoming a Trusted Cloud Consultant or how to connect with one here → Your qualified source of professional cloud consulting services

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    Orbert Reavis
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