Zero Trust Organizational Strategy & Governance

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Culture Eats strategy for breakfast

  • 1.  Culture Eats strategy for breakfast

    Posted May 03, 2024 09:07:00 AM

    Starting this discussion as I am new to the group.

    ZT enablement is often hampered by lack of business and technology support as the pieces of ZT are complex with enterprises often with conflicting views and politics of silos.

    ZT needs to break down the silos and enable cross functional working for cross cutting pillars.

    How can this be achieved (for starters)

    • CISO Office function needs buy in from all technology and business towers to enable ZT and it benefits
    • CISO Office owns the Cyber strategy (includes ZT)
    • CTO Office own the ZT strategy that supports the Cyber
    • Cyber strategy is supported by Cyber Secruity policies

    This thread / message is just to get the conversation started.

    Cheers Adrian

    Adrian Jenkinson
    Enterprise Security Architect