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  • 1.  Cybersecurity Best Practices for Smart Cities

    Posted May 04, 2023 02:19:00 PM

    During yesterdays meeting of the Zero Trust Devices working group, we discussed the relationship between Smart Cities and Zero Trust. It looks like the global players were a step ahead.

    Alex Sharpe
    [email protected]
    Co-Chair Philosophy & Guiding Principles Working Group
    Co-Chair Organizational Strategy & Governance Working Group

  • 2.  RE: Cybersecurity Best Practices for Smart Cities

    Posted May 08, 2023 09:46:00 AM

    Hey Alex. I think the step ahead is good to know for general purposes rather though as the original approach, or 'attitude' on Smart Cities which was somewhat nonchalant might make a tighter threshold on the idea with regard to an approach quite ethical since the global scale is rather broad compared to the the way Smart Cities conceptually has been considered post the initial perspective. In short, they were thought to be manageable 'step- by- step' early on, and Zero Trust is identifying the threat posed by them. I could learn from you from this point, but ethically its seems that technology is in need of the Zero Trust even in the event that the concept is global, or rather broad perhaps in some respect. I think I would like to learn as the status improves because technology, too, in a physical way, is known to provide us with a sense of a, 'step ahead' in the universe.

    Victor Williams
    Certificate Holder