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Cybersecurity Engineer, Dept of Energy (DOE), Germantown, MD

  • 1.  Cybersecurity Engineer, Dept of Energy (DOE), Germantown, MD

    Posted May 18, 2022 09:59:00 AM
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    A colleague is helping staff this position - not a recruiter but a friend of the organization.  Feel free to apply directly or let me know and I will look into an introduction.


    Cyber Engineer requirements 


    Provide expertise in scripting/programming to maintain our Cyber operation systems. This is primarily a Linux environment that the systems run on top of.  We need to support the various Cyber Security tools, applications and network and endpoint hardware we support. Builds, designs, tests, and deploys perimeter, cloud security systems to support firewalls, proxy devices and other security systems. 

    Will administer the core Cyber Security applications that we support such as Syslog and log systems, Splunk, RedSeal, Radius and various other security and system tools. Will interface with fellow Cyber and Firewall engineers to gather additional requirements and details to help support the mission of protecting our federal customers environment. Manage vendor ticket, information gathering, and troubleshooting in the event of a platform issue.  This would cover network application issues, providing root cause determination and recommend resolution options.  

    Supports the planning, documents, and implements hardware and software refresh and upgrade of Cyber Security Systems. Supports periodic firewall rule set review and auditing for standards and use software.  Attends weekly teleconferences, onsite meetings, and participates in working groups, as related to constant changing security environment. 

    Attends weekly teleconferences, onsite meetings, and participates in working groups, as related to constant changing security environment. 

    Required Education/Experience: 

    Bachelor's degree in a computer science/computer engineering related discipline or 10 years of work experience. 

    5 of these years is maintaining Linux systems with use of programming and scripting using Perl, Bash, and Python and other advanced languages 

    3 of these years in a Cyber Security environment in support of SIEM and or NOC 

    2 of these supporting IT systems at the enterprise level crossing between Cloud and On-Premise environments 

    Required Experience/Skills/Attributes:   

    Excellent Linux user and admin skills demonstrating competency to maintain our Cyber Security systems. 

    Expert in scripting/programming in a Linux environment to support the various Cyber Security tools and applications required. This would include use of Shell scripting, Perl, Python 3 or above,  Ruby that demonstrates the writing of your own projects and modules. 

    Good knowledge of Javascript, Powershell, and/or Visual Basic  

    Demonstrate the use of regular expressions 

    Knowledge of HTML and web scripting. 

    Great organizational skills 

    Good to excellent technical writing ability 

    Knowledge, understanding, and ideally experience with certificate generation and ideally operation of a Certificate Authority.  

    Excellent Excel skills. This is to help with reporting and to perform log analysis. 

    Good to excellent technical writing ability (use of language, use of Microsoft Word.). 

    Use of collaboration tools 

    Desired Experience/Skills/Attributes: 

    TCP/IP networking and advanced network concepts  

    Proficiency with TCP-IP and IPv4; IPv6 desired 

    Load Balancers 

    Firewall Experience/Knowledge supporting the configuration and maintenance of Firewall/DMZ infrastructure including Network and Application Firewall Packet Filtering technologies. 

    Packet Capture and log analysis experience 

    Core ITk technologies 

    Cloud Environment Knowledge and Admin Experience  

    Knowledgeable of RFCs (Requests For Comment).   

    Alex Sharpe
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