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ENISA Cyber Europe 2022: After Action Report

  • 1.  ENISA Cyber Europe 2022: After Action Report

    Posted Dec 13, 2022 08:22:00 AM
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    Hi All,

    ENISA just published Cyber Europe 2022: After Action Report.

    Cyber Europe is a series of EU-level cyber incident and crisis management exercises organized by ENISA. It is aimed at both the public and private sectors from the EU and the EFTA Member States. The exercises simulate large-scale cybersecurity incidents that escalate into cyber crises, offering opportunities to analyze advanced technical cybersecurity incidents but also testing participants on their capabilities for dealing with complex situations. The exercises aim to test the participants' readiness and capacity to tackle challenging and realistic cyber crises. The exercises are organized by ENISA together with planners from participating countries and institutions. Cyber Europe 2022 aimed to accomplish several Goals and Objectives which are detailed below.

    Cyber Europe 2022 was designed to fulfill a list of Goals (G). These Goals were developed to provide the organizers and the participants with a clear scope
    and a purpose for their participation in the event. The 2022 edition aimed to achieve the following Goals:

    G1. Test EU-level technical and operational cooperation during cyber-crises
    G2. Provide opportunities to test local-level incident response and resilience plans
    G3. Train EU- and local-level technical capabilities.

    These Goals were complemented by the following secondary (also known as implicit) Goals:
    • Help to build trust
    • Engage the private sector
    • Improve situational awareness
    • Test the public affairs response
    • Improve the exercise process
    • and capabilities.

    Michael Roza CPA, CISA, CIA, CC, MBA, Exec MBA