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Executive Considerations in a Zero Trust World - Speaker: John Kindervag

  • 1.  Executive Considerations in a Zero Trust World - Speaker: John Kindervag

    Posted Sep 15, 2022 04:41:00 PM
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    Please join CSA's next Zero Trust Free Webinar - Executive Considerations in a Zero Trust World
    October 12, 2022 at 9:00am PDT / Duration: 59 mins

    Zero Trust has become a popular security term - and rightfully so. With breaches happening daily and lost data costing businesses millions in revenue, teams must consider all approaches to fortifying their digital walls. But what does this mean for CISOs or other leadership roles in the enterprise? When approached with a Zero Trust project idea, what must leaders consider? What are the budgeting considerations involved in Zero trust? What key features should you concern yourself with, and how does this fit into the overall scope to protect your business? How do you merge into Zero Trust with competing priorities? What are the risks from a leadership perspective when moving into a Zero Trust world? This presentation will discuss and evaluate executive considerations for Zero Trust. Register Here

    Speaker: John Kindervag, Senior Vice President, Cybersecurity Strategy, ON2IT, Senior Vice President, Cybersecurity Strategy, ON2IT

    John is considered one of the world's foremost cybersecurity experts. He is best known for creating the revolutionary Zero Trust Model of Cybersecurity. He currently advises both public and private sector organizations with the design and building of Zero Trust Networks and other Cybersecurity topics. He holds, or has held, numerous industry certifications, including QSA, CISSP, CEH, and CCNA. John has a practitioner background, having served as a security consultant, penetration tester, and security architect. He has particular expertise in the areas of secure network design, wireless security, and voice-over-IP hacking. He has been interviewed and published in numerous publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and The New York Times. He has also appeared on television networks such as CNBC, Fox News, PBS, and Bloomberg discussing information security topics. John has spoken at many security conferences and events, including RSA, SXSW, ToorCon, ShmoCon, InfoSec Europe, and InfoSec World. John has a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications from the University of Iowa and lives in Dallas, TX.

    Clouds Security Alliance’s Zero Trust Advancement Center is hosting free monthly webinars about one of the most widely talked about cybersecurity trends today. Zero Trust experts will guide you through the ins and outs of this increasingly popular approach to cybersecurity, helping you come to an understanding of why Zero Trust is needed today, what the key principles are, and how to implement it into your business planning, enterprise architectures, and technology deployments. Learn more at

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