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Holistic Cybersecurity and Zero Trust - A New Article

  • 1.  Holistic Cybersecurity and Zero Trust - A New Article

    Posted Apr 15, 2024 06:27:00 PM

    Holistic Cybersecurity is a strategy to discover every vulnerability, strengthening and protecting across the entire organization and beyond. Almost every large scale attack has been the direct result of failure to take a holistic approach. This article, just published in ISE magazine, encompasses the "why," "who" and "what" of cybersecurity. The link to the article is on my web site at where I go in to the details of the critical role of implementing Zero Trust principles - and of strengthening the many potentially vulnerable links in the defensive chain.

    If Holistic Cybersecurity is not understood or adopted by an organization's leadership, it will likely fall victim to cybersecurity attacks.

    Feedback welcomed at [email protected].

    Mark Fishburn, President,

  • 2.  RE: Holistic Cybersecurity and Zero Trust - A New Article

    Posted Apr 16, 2024 09:59:00 AM

    Fully agreed with Zero Trust Strategy: Deploying solutions that embed the principles of Zero Trust is the only way to protect your data and services in 2024 and beyond. Applying the mantra of verifying everything is the mindset. I am actively working with many companies who are embedding zero trust networking directly into the applications and products they deliver to their customers so they are secure-by-default. At the moment, this has a big focus on ICS/OT, critical infrastructure and grid, as well as ISVs and MSPs. This is not yet a standard, but it will be as we have open sourced the technology and thus any could choose to use it for free - 

    Philip Griffiths
    Head of Business Development