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How CSA is Addressing AI and ChatGPT

  • 1.  How CSA is Addressing AI and ChatGPT

    Posted Apr 24, 2023 06:02:00 PM

    In a blog posted today, CSA CEO Jim Reavis discussed his take on AI and security:

    "My view is that generative AI is a powerful technology full of possibilities. I don't agree with the idea of a development pause, for the simple reason that someone is going to cheat and attempt to gain a competitive edge or at least catch up. Also, while I think it is impressive, it is not 'Matrix' take-over-the-world impressive. My solution? Let's work very hard on developing a body of best practices to govern the usage of AI today and let the developers of AI use those experiences to improve the next generation. Maybe raising a good AI child will create a responsible AI adult."

    You can read about the actions CSA is taking and how you can get involved in the blog:

    Megan Theimer
    Content Program Specialist
    Cloud Security Alliance