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  • 1.  IEEE-Zero Trust Security Working Group (ZTSWG)

    Posted Dec 21, 2023 10:04:00 AM
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    Don't forget to mark your calendar for the first meeting of the IEEE-Zero Trust Security Working Group (ZTSWG) sub-working group. Please see the attached file for details.
    Dr. Ron Martin, CPP


  • 2.  RE: IEEE-Zero Trust Security Working Group (ZTSWG)

    Posted Feb 01, 2024 08:37:00 PM
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    First, I need to apologize for the delay in resending information to resume the Zero-Trust Security Working Group (ZTSWG) Subgroup initiative.  There were administrative issues I needed to resolve. I have attached an invitation presentation. 
    Second, contained within the presentation is a link to next week's meeting.  It also includes the process for you to join the subgroup's Listserv.  The listserv will be our primary means to keep you posted on subgroup meetings and information. 
    Finally, if you have associates who are interested in Zero-Trust Security, please forward this information to them.
    If you have any questions, please contact me.

    [Ron] [Martin] [Ph.D.]
    [Professor of Practice]
    [Capitol Technology University
    [[email protected]]