Kind reminder of tomorrow's working group call!

  • 1.  Kind reminder of tomorrow's working group call!

    Posted Sep 21, 2022 02:13:00 PM
    Dear members,

    This is a kind reminder for our working group's call taking place tomorrow at 09:00 a.m. PST / 12:00 p.m. EST / 17:00 GMT.

    • All lead authors to review their respective control categories and wherever they mention Serverless in the implementations details column it should be changed to FaaS. In case the details mentioned are specific to Serverless then they should be made FaaS specific. -  @Eric Peeters
    • Joseph ( @Joseph Arcelo) to finalize: CM-6 to point at CM-2, CM-8 define system components, CM-9, CM-11, CM-13, CM-14.
    • Joseph ( @Joseph Arcelo) to review AC-5, AC-6 (1), (5), (9), and AC-14 from the Access Control category.
    • Christopher ( @Christopher Wall) to finalize column G for the SC: System and Communications Protection control category.
    • Christopher ( @Christopher Wall) to fill in the FaaS Relevance of AC-16 in Access Control category, row 19.
    • Christopher ( @Christopher Wall) to fill in column G for SC-3 (X) in row 136 and for SC-8 in row 141 and for SC-13( X), row 146, and SC- 16SC-17 in row 149, 150 respectively.
    • Aradhna ( @Aradhna Chetal) to review and vote on the details of the SI: System and Information Integrity control category entered by Eric Peeters.
    • Vrettos ( @Vrettos Moulos) to work on column I of the CA: Assessment, Authorization, and Monitoring control category.
    • Reviewer needed for the AT: Awareness and Training control category.
    • Shamik ( @Shamik Kacker) to review and vote on AU-3 and AU-3 (1) in rows 35, 36 respectively.
    • Vishwas ( @Vishwas Manral) to review and vote on column of the CA: CA: Assessment, Authorization, and Monitoring control category filled in by Vrettos.
    • Vishwas ( @Vishwas Manral) to fill in column G for SC-12 in row 145.
    • Vrettos ( @Vrettos Moulos) to review column H of the CA: CA: Assessment, Authorization, and Monitoringcontrol category filled in by Vishwas.
    • Vani ( @Vani Murthy) to fill in column G and I for the IA-1 sub-control in row 89.
    • Crystal ( @Crystal Cuneo @Crystal Cuneo) to fill in columns G, H, I for sub-control RA-01, row 106.
    (Based on the Control Categories Table in NIST 800-53.)

    When it's time, please join the meeting from here:

    url: (Meeting ID: 986 8142 0926)

    Kind regards,

    Marina Bregkou,
    Senior Research Analyst,