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Meeting Minutes - 4 April 2024

  • 1.  Meeting Minutes - 4 April 2024

    Posted Apr 04, 2024 11:55:00 AM
    Edited by Hillary Baron Apr 04, 2024 11:55:40 AM

    New MLOps Papers

    • In the planning and scoping phases, looking for volunteers, no writing has started.
    • Intend to provide shorter more digestible papers by dividing out the scope into 4 papers.
      • Paper1 - MLOps Overview
        Paper2 - Intersection between DevSecOps and MLOps
        Paper3 - MLOps Threat Model
        Paper4 - MLOps Security Best Practices
    • Targeted for release by the end of the year.
    • Consideration of writing papers sequentially or in parallel, based on group interest and involvement.
    • Interest volunteers should add their name into the table by the paper they want to contribute to:


    Other papers discussed

    • Discussions on Gen AI and DevSecOps; Zero Trust and DevSecOps papers
    • Need to consider the timing of the Gen AI paper to prevent outdated content.


    Additional Meetings

    • Will gather preferred dates/times in Slack thread for these biweekly meetings.
    • Possibility of separate meetings for different papers, but preference for one consistent meeting for all papers unless the level of involvement necessitates it.


    Action Items

    • Starting a Slack thread on the DevSecOps voting group channel to gather input on meeting time options. Once the time for bi-weekly group meetings is finalized, invites will be sent out.
    • Creating a skeleton outline for Paper 1 and documenting the various topics to be covered.
    • Roupe and Abdul will be working on the working group charter for 2024 and creating a blog to outline the purpose of the DevSecOps working group and the rationale behind tackling MLOps.

    Meeting Recording:

    Hillary Baron
    Sr Technical Director