Zero Trust Organizational Strategy & Governance

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Meeting Minutes, Actions, Next Steps

  • 1.  Meeting Minutes, Actions, Next Steps

    Posted Mar 19, 2023 10:05:00 AM

    Thank you again to everyone. We have a good group and we are moving forward smartly.

    As promised, I updated the first draft of the Guiding Principles document. You can find it here.

    1. Shamik stepped up to draft item a. "Begin with the End in Mind (Business Outcomes/ Mission Objectives)"

    2. Denis stepped up to draft item j, "Monitor and Maintain the Network"

    3. Any volunteers for item e, "Breaches Happen"? This section recognizes incidents occur and the insider threat. It sets the stage for micro-segmentation, concept of least privilege, separation of duties, separation of roles, incident response and the like. My bad for missing in the previous version.

    4. Joy volunteered overall review and blending (to ensure it does not look like it was written by a 1/2 dozen people).

    It would be good to have contributions prior to our next meeting on Tuesday, 28 March at 2 ET. We owe the other ZT Working Groups a final draft for review by 7 April 2023.

    SMB Deliverable Proposal.

    Aaron and Nelson volunteered to help develop the proposal. It is my action to share the template and schedule a short coordination call.

    ZT Controls Review Process

    Andrea and Frank have the action to develop.

    The Guiding Principals and the Zero Trust Primer (authored by Jonathan) are complementary but separate.

    Jonathan has the action to identify touch points, and produce a table (we will figure out where it goes later).



    Alex Sharpe
    [email protected]
    Co-Chair Philosophy & Guiding Principles Working Group
    Co-Chair Organizational Strategy & Governance Working Group