Quantum-Safe Security

Meeting Minutes and Recording - June 21, 2022

  • 1.  Meeting Minutes and Recording - June 21, 2022

    Posted Jun 21, 2022 09:20:00 AM
    URL: https://cloudsecurityalliance.zoom.us/rec/share/pW9vtvYW9E-kPmAhvTSVqUiN82vYC1MXF9mtAM0bovwwXU7wB3bYIfnHCg1cg79Y.1lby40EQWG33cbmr
    Passcode: K%o9YG07

    Meeting Minutes
    • Opening Discussion
      • RSA - more quantum companies on the show floor, but not many sessions
      • New top threats document was released - Hillary to talk to Top Threats WG
    • Update on the Newsletter
      • Document is very long, if we want to shorten it, but we would need to figure out what or how we would cut it
      • Most seem happy with it
    •  Discussion on  new white paper on blockchains
    • NIST updates
      • Still no updates and no idea why
    • New IEEE standardization groups on PQ
      • P1943 Standard for Post-Quantum Network Security
      • P3712 Recommended Practice for Post-Quantum Cryptography Migration
      • Need the NIST results for this
    • Quantum Events coming up
      • BlackHat, Aug 6-11: Bruno will be doing a training on: Impact of Quantum Technologies on Cybersecurity
      • Qcrypt Aug 29-Sept 2: Taiwan-based, but unclear if it will be in person or online
    • Summer Break
      • Proposed July 24th - mid Aug

    Hillary Baron
    Sr Technical Director