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Module 4 Self-Paced Course Initial Review Reminder

  • 1.  Module 4 Self-Paced Course Initial Review Reminder

    Posted Aug 29, 2022 12:46:00 PM
    Edited by Chandler Curran Aug 29, 2022 12:48:09 PM
    Hello everyone, 

    Here is the ZTT Module 4 self-paced course. 

    Please participate in the review of the Module 4 self-paced course by EOD Sunday, September 4th. Please let us know if you need an extension, it does help us if you can try to meet our timelines. However, we understand sometimes you may need a few extra days.

    *Please note this is an INITIAL REVIEW, so please provide us with your harshest feedback!  

    Time estimate: about 60 minutes of content

    Review Process: 
    Please provide us with your harshest feedback during the study guide and self-paced review round #1! After that, we plan to review all feedback, update, and record with a real voice-over artist (currently, the voice-over is done with AI). The second round of self-paced review will be considered the time for fatal flaw feedback, so please provide any feedback during this first round of review that may impact the content. As you may know, as we move along with the development process, it is harder for us to make changes to the content, and we are less likely to accept feedback at that time unless it is considered a fatal flaw. In order to keep in alignment with project plans and prevent scope creep.

    ZTA Training Review Cycle:
    1. Study Guide: multiple rounds of review by the expert group, internal team, and lastly, a copy editor.
      1. This is when all errors in the study guide/the course content should be caught, NOT during development (next step). However, sometimes things aren't noticeable until after the development of the self-paced content, which is why we have two review cycles for the self-paced content.
    2. Self-paced Course: Review cycle #1- Provide us with your harshest feedback! At this time we can still edit the content, but as a reminder, significant glaring issues should be caught when possible in the study guide phase.
    3. Self-paced Course: Review cycle #2- Fatal flaw review. At this time, the content is considered final, and we are considering feedback that is considered a fatal flaw before going public. However, we are always accepting feedback for the next version. 
      Please let me know if there is any feedback on this review process. We are always looking for ways to improve.

      Review Rough Timeline: 
      • Module 4 Self-Paced Review: Initial Review
      • Module 4 Self-Paced Review: Fatal Flaw Review
      Coming Up (these dates are approximate and will become more defined):
      • M4 Self-Paced Review #1: 8/19-09/04
      • M4 Self-Paced Review #2: 9/26-10/10
      • M5 Study Guide Final Draft Review: September/October 
      • M5 Self-Paced Review: January/February   

      Module 4 Review Links:
      Unit 1:  
      Unit 2:
      Unit 3:

      How to create an Articulate account for free for review: 
      1. Click on one of the training links
      2. Sign in at the top right corner- create an account for free!
      3. Once you are signed in, leave a comment
        • Please start your own comment thread, unless you are replying to someone's comment, that way we can keep track of each new suggestion
      4. If at any point you have any questions please email us

      Thank you for your support and time! 
      The CSA Training Team

      Chandler Curran
      Training Project Administrator
      Cloud Security Alliance