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  • 1.  NSA Software Memory Safety

    Posted Apr 27, 2023 11:48:00 AM
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    Hi All,

    NSA just published Software Memory Safety

    NSA recommends using a memory-safe language when possible. While the use of added protections to non-memory-safe languages and the use of memory-safe languages do not provide absolute protection against exploitable memory issues, they do provide considerable protection. Therefore, the overarching software community across the private sector, academia, and the U.S. Government have begun initiatives to drive the culture of software development toward utilizing memory-safe languages.

    Michael Roza CPA, CISA, CIA, CC, MBA, Exec MBA

  • 2.  RE: NSA Software Memory Safety

    Posted Apr 28, 2023 07:55:00 AM

    Good Morning Michael,
    I am glad you share the bit you have which I have just read this morning. I am elated to learn that persistence is in the wheel turning innovation in a unique direction with regard to developing a modern, or upgraded interpretation scale for current systems, or pre- existing networks. The move forth is courageous even on the smallest scale in my opinion, and whether there is enough government sponsorship, or not in the years to come looking at this momentum shift in the communication field with technology it sounds like science- engineering is going full- speed ahead with a focus on quality over quantity wherein the government nonetheless will take a supportive position on the large scale. It sounds like a data lake creation for a data community which can develop though it takes much temperance as it manifests moreover the balance of what we are learning, and where we can expect to aim in response to it is essentialism in its' finest fashion. It's an awesome newsbreak for someone like me who just heard of this from you in which I just read this morning to appreciate all of the best of the National Institute for Standards and Technology.
    Victor Williams, NIST Certified
    (850) 405- 3464
    [email protected]

    Victor Williams
    Certificate Holder

  • 3.  RE: NSA Software Memory Safety

    Posted Apr 28, 2023 12:50:00 PM

    Hi Victor,

    Glad you like it!


    Michael Roza CPA, CISA, CIA, CC, MBA, Exec MBA