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October Meetings for DevSecOps Working Group

  • 1.  October Meetings for DevSecOps Working Group

    Posted Sep 22, 2022 11:06:00 AM

    For all DevSecOps meetings, please view the public calendar here:

    If you would like a direct calendar invite, please send me a direct message with the email to use for the invite and I'll get you added.

    The subgroup meetings are for volunteers to meet up and collaborate on our in-progress whitepaper initiatives. If there is a particular paper that interests you and would like to start contributing to, this can be a great way to get introduced to the paper. The core group meetings are more open-ended, and typically include quick updates for each pillar, as well as some time for open-ended discussion and questions around DevSecOps as a topic.

    For more information on our current initiative, the Six Pillars of DevSecOps series, please see our related blog post here:

    • Pillar 1 - Collective Responsibility
    • Pillar 2 - Collaboration and Integration
    • Pillar 3 - Pragmatic Implementation
    • Pillar 4 - Bridging Compliance and Development
    • Pillar 5 - Automation
    • Pillar 6 - Measure, Monitor, Report, and Action

    October Meetings:

    Josh Buker
    Research Analyst
    Cloud Security Alliance