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  • 1.  OT Must Read - Redo

    Posted Jul 30, 2023 05:31:00 AM
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    This is a redo of the previous post. There seems to have been a problem with some of the links. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    This is a must read for anyone interested in devices, industrial control systems (ICS), and the like. My colleague, George Shea, and Randi Tomasek (cybersecurity operations analyst for the electrical industry) do an excellent job of acknowledging the required separation of IT and OT while recognizing the touch points. They recognize the traditional thought of keeping them separate is not practical.

    Personally, I love the recognition that breaches happen and the recognition that we cannot rely on protection alone. We must detect early, limit the blast radius, and recover quickly.

    Not sure if you are familiar with FDD. FDD is a think tank focused on national security and foreign policy. They are at the center of the policy, legislation, and regulation we are seeing in the areas of Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Critical Infrastructure Protection.

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