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Recap: Business Value of Zero Trust working session (Nov 3)

  • 1.  Recap: Business Value of Zero Trust working session (Nov 3)

    Posted Nov 07, 2022 05:36:00 AM
    Hi folks - a quick recap from our working session last Thursday, Nov 3

    Thanks everyone for your participation & engagement
    • Intros and welcome to new members
    • Recap of where we are in this workstream - quick review of the to-be-finalized mini-charter for the workstream
    • Quick review of the in-progress Business Value of Zero Trust whitepaper proposal:
    • Interactive discussion, editing, and brainstorming on the draft a set of personas to represent the direct and indirect target audience for the ZT working group assets
    We are excited to dive into the actual work on this, so are going to get the proposal document completed quickly

    Work plan:
    • Finalize mini charter -Erik has asked for a second review via the new Google Groups. Jason to kick off by Nov 9
    • Personas - plan for next few working sessions to publish first version, for use across workstreams
    • Whitepaper proposal - by Nov 9 - complete and circulate for feedback & approval
    Recording Link: Note that the session starts at approximately 6 minutes into the recording.
    Passcode: #0Sek0ML

    Our next workstream session is Thursday November 17 at 8am ET.
    1. review the final "Business Value of Zero Trust" whitepaper proposal, and discuss approval steps
    2. focus: Ongoing review and discussion of the reader personas

    Jason Garbis, CISSP
    Co-Chair, Zero Trust Working Group
    CPO, Appgate
    Author: Zero Trust Security: An Enterprise Guide