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Recap: Business Value of Zero Trust working session (Oct 20)

  • 1.  Recap: Business Value of Zero Trust working session (Oct 20)

    Posted Oct 23, 2022 02:07:00 PM
    Hi folks - a quick recap from our working session last Thursday, October 20
    • Intros and welcome to new members
    • Recap of the big group meeting on Tuesday Oct 18
    • Recap of where we are in this workstream - quick review of the to-be-finalized mini-charter for the workstream
    • Discussion of the primary initial focus - the proposal with the abstract, target audience, and topics for a "Business Value of Zero Trust" asset
    • Chris Steffen introduced the idea of creating a set of personas to represent the direct and indirect target audience for the ZT working group assets
    • We liked the draft he showed, and agreed this made sense to include in the workstream, and in fact to share across all the workstreams
    • Ongoing collaborative and creative discussion
    We are excited to dive into the actual work on this, so are going to get the proposal document completed quickly

    Work plan:
    • Finalize mini charter - by Oct 31 - jason to complete. This shouldn't be controversial, so we can complete it with an offline document review rather than wait for the next working session
    • Personas - plan for next 2 working sessions to publish first version, for use across workstreams (Nov 3, Nov 17) - Chris to share with the group
    • Whitepaper proposal - by Nov 4 - complete and circulate for feedback & approval
    Recording Link: Note that the session starts at approximately 10 minutes into the recording.
    Passcode: ZTBizVal22!

    Our next workstream session is Thursday November 3 at 8pm ET.
    1. Finalize the "Business Value of Zero Trust" whitepaper proposal
    2. Review and discuss the personas

    Jason Garbis, CISSP
    Co-Chair, Zero Trust Working Group
    CPO, Appgate
    Author: Zero Trust Security: An Enterprise Guide