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SCION - Next-Generation Networks

  • 1.  SCION - Next-Generation Networks

    Posted Nov 07, 2022 06:34:00 AM
    Hello community,

    I see currently some traction in Switzerland for SCION, most likely due to that it is an invention from the ETH. SCION (Scalability, Control, and Isolation On Next-Generation Networks) aims to be an upgrade of BGP (Border Gateway Protocol). While it might make the connection to the cloud provider more secure, I am unsure if it solves a problem or if it would scale with its Isolation Domain approach.

    I would like to know if someone has heard of it and can share his opinion about the technology.

    Here are also some of the links:
    SCION Internet Architecture (
    The internet architecture of the 1980s is due for an upgrade | World Economic Forum (
    SCION-book.pdf (
    SCION Internet Architecture (

    Kindest regards,

    Lars Ruddigkeit
    Account Technical Strategist Swiss FedGov
    Microsoft Switzerland