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Sensitive Data in the Cloud

  • 1.  Sensitive Data in the Cloud

    Posted Jul 21, 2022 06:13:00 AM

    60% of all corporate data is stored in the cloud. However, many organizations aren’t confident in their own ability to protect sensitive data in the cloud. That’s why we’re releasing our latest survey to better understand organizations’:

    • Needs in cloud use and data security
    • Their familiarity with the technologies surrounding these sectors
    • Their approach to hosting sensitive data in the cloud
    • What they saw as security challenges and priorities for the coming year

    To protect your organization, it’s important to be able to protect your own sensitive data. Download the report now → Sensitive Data in the Cloud | CSA

    #datasecurity #sensitivedata #confidentialcomputing

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    Sensitive Data in the Cloud | CSA
    The goal of this survey was to understand the following: Cloud use and data security needs, Security priorities and challenges for the next year, Approach to hosting sensitive data and workloads in the cloud, Familiarity with cloud and data security technologies.
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