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Story of blackout risk which led to change government policy

  • 1.  Story of blackout risk which led to change government policy

    Posted 17 days ago

    Even the smallest looking component within the OT environment can be hacked, for example a "Transformer", it seems odd in the first thought but after taking a pause, most of us would agree that yes even it can be hacked.


    WHAT is the RISK in it?

    Did we check the Supply chain arrangement for the IOT/OT items in discussion,

    who provides these heavy and irreparable devices which need a turn around time if they want them to be replaced and are being supplied from vendors located out of the country.

    Countries like US have started taking it seriously and they follow strict policies to have supply chain sources only within the country and supplying only US made devices,

    This definitely rings bells for OT security and towards unconventional and new ways of hacking the IOT devices.


    Key Components in a transformer;

    1. Voltage regulation mechanism
    2. System health and diagnostics mechanism
    3. Consumption data transmitter mechanism
    4. Smart devices to regulate the fluctuating demands of power supply


    All above are the possible threats where hackers usually target and these attackers are capable of making the affected nation feel that the attack was targeted by its political conflict countries .


    So now a days it's important not only to focus what you have in your industrial OT environment, but it is also critical to be diligent while you plan buying new devices and

    have strict supply chain policies to make sure your critical infrastructure is secure.

    vaibhav sharma