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Survey topics for next Key Mgmt implementation!!!!

  • 1.  Survey topics for next Key Mgmt implementation!!!!

    Posted Sep 26, 2022 04:58:00 AM

    Dear members,

    Please review the list of survey topics for the Cloud Key Mgmt working group's next steps as it is was formed after the lest 4 WG calls.

    Feel free to comment on adding a new topic.
    Those who have already proposed a topic are kindly requested to provide a short description next to it.

    Here you can see the topics to be surveyed in order to decide which will be the next milestone for our working group.

    Kind regards,

    P.S. The list currently contains the following topics:
    1) Work on the Multi-Cloud, Pattern 4 document,
    2) Key recovery
    3) Industry Specific Guidelines, e.g. Financial Regulation Encryption, Healthcare, etc.
    4) X-YOK's comparison
    5) How to write a KMS policy for an Organization
    6) Financial Services Encryption
    7) A guide on which pattern to use in which case.
    8) Highlight differences between industries
    9) Address things from the 'what is being accomplished' perspective. E.g. for Encryption before SaaS, privacy in the cloud is accomplished.
    10) Short paper on: Is encryption before SaaS a requirement for compliance?
    11) Possible patterns for cloud-native PKIs.
    12) A distinction made between cloud KMS and cloud HSM terms. What are the different levels of protection they provide.
    13) Management framework for keys
    14) Cross Vendors Key Mgmt options
    15) Key Mgmt in Blockchain.

    Marina Bregkou,
    Senior Research Analyst,