CSA ZT Briefing - From Zero to One: Improving ZT for critical infrastructure with “little data

When:  Jun 23, 2023 from 12:00:00 PM to 01:00:00 PM (ET)
Associated with  Zero Trust

Many OT security efforts today focus on generating better big data analytics, e.g. utilization or performance. However, improving tracking "little" data, like system location, warranties, or version information to inform risk mitigation and remediation activities is getting left behind. In this talk, we'll cover what little data is in OT, why it matters for zero-trust in OT environments, and how to manage it in an easy way. 

Speaker Bio: Mollie Breen is the Founder and CEO of Perygee, the cybersecurity company reimagining how businesses secure their physical footprints from cyber attacks in an increasingly digital world. Before starting Perygee, Mollie was a mathematician at the National Security Agency. She has Mathematics and Computer Science degrees from Duke University, MS in Engineering from Harvard University, and an MBA from Harvard Business School. 



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