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Zero Trust - Working Group Contributor

Starts: 03-02-2023


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We’re looking for subject matter experts to volunteer to join our Zero Trust research working group team!

What You’ll Do:

This working group aims to develop Zero Trust standards and guidance to achieve consistent security for cloud, hybrid and mobile endpoint environments. Group discussion topics include Zero Trust benefits, architecture, automation and maturity models, publication reviews, and relevant industry forums and events.


  • Recognition of contributions through various CSA social media channels and other announcements
  • Opportunities for subject matter experts to lead a ZT workstream working group and be a lead research author
  • Promotion through CloudBytes webinars, sponsored events, speaking opportunities, social media announcements, etc.
  • Visibility and recognition by authoring whitepapers.
  • Learn from our SMEs who present during our calls

Opportunities to Contribute:

  • Contribute to research publications
  • Author research publications
  • Present research at webinars and events
  • Be a guest speaker during our meetings

About CSA Zero Trust Working Groups:

CSA research is vendor-neutral, consensus-driven, and created by the industry, for the industry. The Zero Trust working group will have the following nine workstreams.
  1. Zero Trust as a Philosophy & Guiding Principles
  2. Zero Trust Organizational Strategy & Governance
  3. Pillar: Identity
  4. Pillar: Device
  5. Pillar: Network/Environment
  6. Pillar: Applications & Workload
  7. Pillar: Data
  8. Automation, Orchestration, Visibility & Analytics
  9. Zero Trust Architecture, Implementation, and Maturity Model

Each workstream focuses on a unique topic or aspect of Zero Trust cloud security and will have its own sub-working group and leadership. SMEs interested in leading one or more workstreams should express their interest along with a summary of their qualifications and availability to the CSA Facilitator.

CSA Staff Facilitator:

Erik Johnson
[email protected]

What will happen after you fill out this form?

Check your email. You will receive an email from the research analyst (check your spam inbox if you don’t see it within 24 hours). This email will contain information on the next steps to get started and a list of helpful links to projects and communication channels this group uses.

You can subscribe to the CSA ZT Circle online community to find out about upcoming events, get information about recent events and engage in online discussions with community and individual workstream workgroup members.  You can also visit the working group page to see current projects and find the link to the CSA ZT Calendar of upcoming meetings and presentations.

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Volunteers Needed:

1000 (355 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary




Erik Johnson
Cloud Security Alliance