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Security Guidance - Working Group Contributor

Starts: 04-30-2022


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We’re looking for subject matter experts to volunteer to join our Security Guidance working group team!

What You’ll Do:

  • Volunteers will be helping develop the fifth version of the CSA Security Guidance
  • You will be reviewing CSA research content, and will need to be familiar with the entire CSA research portfolio to understand how it should be incorporated into Security Guidance v5
  • Review net new content that is created
  • Help develop ways to keep the guidance continuously up to date and dynamic in nature


About the Security Guidance

The advancement toward secure cloud computing requires active participation from a broad set of globally-distributed stakeholders. CSA brings together this diverse community of industry partnerships, international chapters, working groups, and individuals to create the Cloud Security Guidance. We are profoundly grateful to all who contributed to version 4 of the release.


  • CSA Leadership John Yeoh
  • CSA Leadership, Daniele Catteddu
  • Co-Chair, Mike Rothman
  • Co-Chair, Rich Mogull

CSA Support
Olivia Rempe
[email protected]

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Volunteers Needed:

1000 (904 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary




Olivia Rempe
Cloud Security Alliance