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Is A Cover Letter Necessary?


If you think all you need to get an interview is a resume then you better think again. While your resume provides employers your career details, you need a cover letter from our Resume Writing Service that will introduce you to the company. Your cover letter will give employers an idea if your resume is worth reading or even keeping.


Do you phone someone and start a conversation without saying hello? The same goes for a resume, you need to say hello through your cover letter and convince the employer to at least open your resume and see if you have what it takes to get an interview.


Every job seeker should know how to create a concise but interesting cover letter. It should always accompany your resume when you apply for a job. A cover letter is actually a summary of how qualified you are to the job being posted. When the employer is convinced about the connection, then your resume comes in handy for a more detailed qualification.


A resume submitted without a cover letter is a red flag for most employers. A killer letter alone will give an applicant undue advantage over the competition so failure to write one is a mortal sin when it comes to successful job applications.


When is a cover letter necessary?


A cover letter should always be sent together with the resume no matter if you are sending the application under any of these circumstances:

  • Sending a resume as a response to a job advertisement
  • Sending an unsolicited job application
  • Sending a resume by mail
  • Sending a resume by email
  • Sending a resume through a job bank


A cover letter will increase your chances of getting an interview. By identifying the position you are applying for and the reasons why you are a good match for the job, you make it easier for the receiver to decide on including you in the shortlist. Some companies receive thousands of resumes for different positions so it is up to you to convince the company to schedule you for an interview for a specific position indicated in your cover letter.


You can use this cover letter every time you apply for a job online, changing only a few details at resume editor service such as the job description and the company name.


What goes in your cover letter?


Your resume is just a rundown list of all your job experience and skills. The cover letter gives you an opportunity to highlight certain skills and job experiences that match the requirement of the job posting. This will help the employer decide if you are a good match to what they are looking for.


It is important that the cover letter ends with a call for action. If your main goal is to get an interview, then indicate specific time availability. Let the employer know what you expect and what you intend to do after submitting your resume.


A customized cover letter will make a difference in landing you an interview or even a job. Review the cover letter and make sure that it contains information specific to the company you are applying for.

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