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Writing Personal Statement - Purpose, Tips and Example 2021

Do you have an idea about the importance of a personal statement in the entire admission process? No matter wherever you apply, your statement would be a key and important component in your admission application. It is also known as an application essay. Your application essay is an asset for you that will stand you out of the rest.

The main purpose of an application essay/personal statement is to offer the admission committee or college administration a reason to accept you as their student for further studies. Moreover, it is also a source that can make you able to win a seat in the classroom of your desired college. The personal statement achieves its goal when it convinces the admission committee of your passion, competencies, and career goals.

As application essay/personal statement is a key and important part of the application process, it should be written impressively. One should make the best of his/her efforts to write my essay with perfection. They should do so because it can make you stand out. Similarly, others will go over you if they have something exceptional and you do not have a masterpiece in hand.

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Hence, go after the following tips when writing your own.

Think and reveal something new but credible about yourself and your life as well as about your educational journey

Take enough time to brainstorm topics. Then select one that you think is the most appropriate and perfect for your essay or statement

Mindfully choose and use the words, tone, expressions, and voice when writing the final draft

Create/write an outline or draft without a character counter

Focus on your key strengths and find out the perfect opening statement or sentence

Follow the outline/format in hand while writing the final draft/essay

Proofread, check, and revise your statement as needed.

Always keep in mind; one must possess the skills of a good paper writing service if they want to write a personal statement that makes them stand out.

Personal Statement Example

I have always liked to figure out how things mark off why individuals reason the manner they perform. I always enjoy studying various aspects of our life. As well as manipulations that become the causes/reasons behind actions and selection of people. This is the major reason why I want to explore the world. And that is why I tend to learn more about what people do and why they do so?

But sticking to a particular objective makes a better sense of achievement and this why everyone sets SMART goals. I think the same and that is why I prefer the business world. Indeed, this field is complex enough in nature. But I know that it has a lot to give me to explore. Studying and exploring the business field should never be done for getting a good job. While the aim should be the implementation of knowledge and understanding in different aspects of life. If you are asked to write my paper on personal statement do it the right way.

I see many people including students who take failure as a disappointment. But I personally say that they are very mistaken. I say this because I have always taken my failures as challenges to do better. As everyone, I also know that life is very short to play. But not as everyone, I always wanted to make a difference. Not as everyone because people want to change the world which looks a bit objectionable to me. Because again, one should have a SMART and clear objective but saying “I want to change the world” goes far away.

Beyond what others say, I always aimed to explore and change the business world (field). But every walk needs a road to be used. So, my key objective of getting admission at ABC College is to get a road to walk on and explore the world of Business and Management. And this is what I aim to achieve in my educational journey as well as in my professional life.