Africa Cloud Cybersecurity Resource and Intelligence Center (ACCRIC)


The Cloud Security Alliance New Chapter is creating a separate activity within our entity to focus on cybersecurity topics relevant to the large continent of Africa. 

 Key components of this resource center will include:

  1. Portal with up-to-date information shared related to monitoring cyber-attacks taking place in the African continent.
  2. Integration with the Cloud Security Alliance resources for sharing cloud-related security best practices emanating from all parts of the globe.
  3. Focal area and point for the creation of relevant collaborations that would bolster or aid organizations based in Africa with cybersecurity products and solutions.

The Cloud Security Alliance, New Jersey chapter has existed for several years and partners closely with academia and expert professionals in the cyber and information security field. A vital component of the chapter is its activities to include undergraduate and graduate students in activities such as research, creation of publications, hosting and presenting at webinars and conferences, and placing emphasis on the topic of the growth of the cloud for organization technology solutions and security.

Aligning Research and Information Categories

The monitoring of cybersecurity incidents and events of significant elements will align with the sixteen critical infrastructure sectors of the United States.