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🌐 Exciting Media Partnership Announcement 🌐

  • 1.  🌐 Exciting Media Partnership Announcement 🌐

    Posted Sep 25, 2023 10:45:00 PM
    Edited by Sedat Karadayan Sep 25, 2023 10:44:36 PM

    Media Partnership Announcement


    We are excited to announce a media partnership between GCS Network (Global Cyber Security Network) (https://globalcybersecuritynetwork.com/) and Cloud Security Alliance Turkey. This media partnership represents a significant step forward in fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration within the cybersecurity community.


    GCS Network (Global Cyber Security Network) is an online platform that provides valuable information for cybersecurity professionals, enthusiasts, and organizations with the latest news, insights, and resources in the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape. It is a platform that makes the search easy for everyone interested in cyber security.  GCS Network's commitment to delivering valuable content and facilitating connections within the cybersecurity sphere aligns perfectly with the mission of Cloud Security Alliance Turkey (CSA Turkey).


    Our mission at Cloud Security Alliance Turkey is to empower professionals and organizations to secure their cloud environments and stay updated on emerging cloud security trends and technologies. We and our partners promote best practices for secure cloud computing in Turkey.  

    🤝 Why This Partnership Matters? 🤝


    GCS Network (Global Cyber Security Network) is a leading platform for cybersecurity professionals, enthusiasts, and organizations worldwide. Their dedication to delivering cutting-edge content, news, and resources will make them a go-to hub in the industry.

    Cloud Security Alliance Turkey, part of the globally recognized Cloud Security Alliance, is committed to advancing cloud security best practices. Their expertise in cloud security is invaluable, and they have a strong presence in the Turkish cybersecurity community.


    🚀 What This Partnership Means for You? 🚀


    Exclusive Events: Look forward to webinars, conferences, and workshops featuring top experts in the field, offering you unique networking opportunities and knowledge-sharing sessions.

    Comprehensive Insights: Together, we'll provide in-depth analysis, reports, and articles covering the latest cybersecurity trends.

    Collaboration Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals, organizations, and thought leaders to foster innovation and collaboration in the cybersecurity realm.

    Global Reach: Benefit from an extended global network of cybersecurity professionals and organizations, transcending borders and time zones.

    Inclusivity: This partnership will provide resources and opportunities for everyone to grow and thrive in the cybersecurity and cloud security fields.

    🤝 Together, GCS Network (Global Cyber Security Network) and Cloud Security Alliance Turkey (CSA Turkey) are poised to redefine how you experience cybersecurity and cloud security knowledge sharing.


    Join us on this remarkable journey to secure a safer and more connected digital world in our next event.


    Upcoming Event Announcement


    CSA Turkey Working Group: Blockchain GRC - September Edition'23



    As Cloud Security Alliance - Turkey Chapter, our first event of this period, titled "Top 10 Blockchain Attacks, Vulnerabilities & Weaknesses," will be conducted on the 21st of September.


    This event will involve a workshop/examination of the Cloud Security Alliance reports and preparing a recommendation report containing security control recommendations.


    🔷 In our workshop, we will be supported by a prominent figure in the field of blockchain, Cemil Şinasi Türün, known for his outstanding work in the blockchain domain. The event will be moderated and facilitated by Meltem Erdem, who is from the Web3 security world and a member of the CSATR team.


    🎉 Starting from this event,

    ➖ CSATR Blockchain GRC WK events will be sponsored by Averest Training & Consulting,

    ➖ Superteam Turkey and DataBulls are becoming our community partners,

    ➖ GCS Network | Global Cyber Security Network is our media partner 


    🛑 Important reminder: The event will be conducted with a limited number of participants who have been invited as subject matter experts.


    Register Now: https://www.meetup.com/tr-TR/cloud-security-alliance-turkey/events/295861743/


    *If you have luck enough to find a free spot;)


    What is Next?

    📣 Stay Tuned! 📣

    Stay tuned as we unveil the exciting lineup of upcoming events, articles, and resources that will empower you to navigate the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape confidently and competently. Together, we'll empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

    Join us on this exciting journey as we elevate the world of cybersecurity to new heights. Let's Secure the Future Together! 🔒


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    Sedat Karadayan