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NetraScale CrowdZeroTrust Presentation Recording: Unleashing the Power of AI for Adaptive Cyber Resilience and Compliance 

Feb 12, 2024 11:13:20 AM

Informational presentation to the CSA ZT working group by Denis Nwanshi, Founder & CEO  of NetraScale.

Presentation recording:  NetraScale CrowdZeroTrust Presentation Recording: Unleashing the Power of AI for Adaptive Cyber Resilience and Compliance

Deck: CrowdZeroTrust AI-Powered Cyber Resilience Presentation

NetraScale CrowdZeroTrust: Unleashing the Power of Artificial Intelligence for Adaptive Cyber Resilience and Regulatory Compliance

Traditional Zero Trust architectures face mounting challenges as static perimeters struggle with remote/hybrid workforces, vulnerabilities widen at an alarming rate, and the cybersecurity talent shortage intensifies. Even robust Zero Trust architectures have blind spots and giants like Microsoft, Capital One, and Nvidia bear the scars of recent cyberattacks. The trends are alarming, and Gartner warns that by 2026, half of all cyberattacks will bypass even the most effective Zero Trust defenses.

Beyond the Shadows: Why Zero Trust Isn't Enough

Cybercriminals are honing their skills to exploit Zero Trust weaknesses. This poses a particularly stark threat to financial services and other key sectors, especially small to medium size organizations with limited resources. Take the rapid growth of Open Banking, with its interconnected web of market participants amplifying the risk exposure. Continuous validation of every resource interaction and robust mitigation plans are crucial to prevent a data breach's domino effect. Zero Trust is the shield, but is it enough?

While the Zero Trust principles of least privilege access, microsegmentation, and continuous monitoring are vital, current implementations often leave gaps. Without proper guardrails, consumers and financial institutions remain exposed to a torrent of threats, including API attacks, social engineering scams, fraud, phishing, man-in-the-middle interceptions, malware injections, denial-of-service attacks, and vulnerabilities lurking in third-party systems.

Unifying Security, Privacy and Innovation in Artificial Intelligence

Organizations need to look beyond traditional defences and shift to a new paradigm in Zero Trust that prioritizes three key areas:

  1. Proactive defenses that actively hunt for threats, neutralizes vulnerabilities, and eliminates attack surfaces before they're exploited.
  2. Leverage data-driven tools to streamline adherence to stringent regulations, fostering trust and reducing risk.
  3. Frictionless ecosystems that empower digital ecosystems by enabling seamless interactions across locations, applications, and devices, boosting user confidence and productivity.

NetraScale proposes CrowdZeroTrust, a highly responsive solution that dynamically strengthens Zero Trust from within using novel decentralized Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models. Key components of the CrowdZeroTrust architecture design include data privacy-centric autonomous AI sentinels, an adaptive AI powered policy engine, and seamless DevSecOps integration to prevent supply chain vulnerabilities before they manifest.

Underpinned by our industry standards based SemanticRisk framework, CrowdZeroTrust addresses diverse needs, including:

  • Hyperconnected enterprises where devices, applications, and users proliferate, expanding the attack surface. 
  • Resource-constrained financial services, payments, and insurance SMEs who must navigate a constant barrage of cyber attacks and evolving regulations, without sacrificing agility or incurring significant resource overhead.
  • Complex ecosystems handling highly sensitive data across the digital supply chain.

    Speaker Bio:

    Denis Nwanshi, CEO @ NetraScale
    Denis has an extensive track record in the banking, fintech, regtech, e-commerce and insurance space where he has spearheaded a range of strategic digital initiatives, including payments & settlement modernization, secure cloud migration, regulatory compliance, and high security critical infrastructure. He is currently at the helm of NetraScale, an organization leveraging AL, ML and decentralized technologies to build unique cyber resilience and compliance solutions for regulated clients. A member of the Cloud Security Alliance Zero Trust working group, Denis holds an executive MBA, and professional certifications in Organizational Resilience, Cybersecurity and Architecture of Complex Systems.

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