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CSA chapter membership allows opportunities for continued learning, security awareness, networking, and career growth.CSA-Delaware-Valley-Chapter-badge.jpg

    • Network with peers and subject matter experts
    • Gain valuable insight from industry professionals and peers
    • Build cloud security awareness at the community level
    • Participate in cloud security education and training locally
    • Participate in CSA research and development
    • Discuss cloud vulnerabilities and brainstorm solutions
    • Spread CSA and cloud security outreach in the community
    • Be a leader in the cloud security field

President's Message
I am truly honored to be the President of the Cloud Security Alliance - Delaware Valley Chapter (CSA-DV). Being a member of CSA-DV for over eight years has had a significant impact for me both personally and professionally. In addition, the board members are a diverse group of seasoned cloud and cyber security industry professionals aligned with the global Cloud Security Alliance organization’s vision.

Right now, the focus of our Board is on the importance of providing education via events or certification classes to help understand the complexities of cloud security as well as attempting to provide industry practitioners the information that improves their value in the business community. CSA-DV has evolved from an emerging chapter with limited capabilities to an officially recognized CSA Global Chapter and business partner. The CSA-DV chapter can now offer personalized global CSA CCSK certification training and education at different levels for the business community and individuals.

Our chapter’s members come from a variety of area industries, and can offer your business or even individuals the ability to learn the latest cloud security solutions. We bring a value that is not easily found elsewhere in the complex cloud security space. CSA-DV continues to collaborate with other industry associations in a diverse environment that brings a comprehensive view of opportunities.

One initiative we are focusing on is to expand our capabilities to reach members via social media. Follow us on our Website, LinkedIn, and Twitter to make sure you hear the latest news and stay up to date on upcoming events. We will roll out a new registration platform which we hope will make registering for programs more user friendly.

I also wish to thank our dedicated volunteers, speakers and partners. Without you our chapter would not be where it is today.

We are only as good as our members and look to you to help add to the value of CSA-DV Chapter. We welcome new ideas and honest feedback so that we can continue to make CSA-DV better. I encourage each one of you to engage and find out how CSA-DV can help to assist in your journey. Start by signing up for our newsletter and social media sites!

Yours Truly,

Rob Wilner - President
Cloud Security Alliance – Delaware Valley Chapter

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    RE: New member

    Posted in: Delaware Valley

    Hi Brian, Unfortunately, April 10th and 11th will not be possible for me to attend. But, definitely looking forward to attend future events. ------------------------------ Harini Joshi Lead Engineer Prudential ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Delaware Valley

    Hey Everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself! My name is Dan, I just joined this group a little while ago. I currently work in sales and I am looking to change careers and start an entry level role in Cybersecurity. I've been learning and researching ...

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  • Posted in: Delaware Valley

    Hello! My name is Cameron Wicks, and I'm (as of this writing) the newest member. I'm making a career change. After 17 years in the working world, including over 13 years in sales, I'm transitioning to cybersecurity. I've worked in "tech-adjacent" roles ...