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Working Group Organization
CSA Support

• ZT Inquiries - [email protected]

• Erik Johnson - [email protected]

• John Yeoh - [email protected]

Research Working Group Co-chairs

• Jerry Chapman

• Jason Garbis

• Chris Steffen


The CSA Zero Trust Working Group has the following nine work streams:
 1.  Zero Trust as a Philosophy & Guiding Principles
 2.  Zero Trust Organizational Strategy & Governance
 3.  Pillar: Identity
 4.  Pillar: Device
 5.  Pillar: Network/Environment
 6.  Pillar: Applications & Workload
 7.  Pillar: Data
 8.  Automation, orchestration, visibility & analytics
 9.  Zero Trust Architecture, Implementation & Maturity Model

Expressions of interest in working group and specific workstream participation can be registered here or by sending an email to [email protected].


Latest Discussion Posts

  • Don't forget to mark your calendar for the first meeting of the IEEE-Zero Trust Security Working Group (ZTSWG) sub-working group. Please see the attached file for details. -- Dr. Ron Martin, CPP

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  • [Now Available] CSA's Certificate of Competence in Zero Trust (CCZT) 📣 The wait is over – CSA's Certificate of Competence in Zero Trust (CCZT) is now available! 📣 As the industry's first authoritative and vendor-neutral Zero ...

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  • Hi All, NSA just published CSI Advancing Zero Trust Maturity Throughout the Application and Workload Pillar In the current digital landscape where malware and emerging online threats continue to evolve and become more sophisticated, it is imperative ...

  • Thank you. We're very glad to see that the Japan chapter is so interested in Zero Trust! ------------------------------ Erik Johnson CCSK, CCSP, CISSP, PMP Senior Research Analyst Cloud Security Alliance [email protected] --------- ...

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  • Japanese Translation of "Defining the Zero Trust Project Surface" has published. CSA Defining the Zero ...

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