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5G Security  

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APAC Data Sovereignty  

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Cloud Data Breach Investigation  

The Cloud Data Breach Investigation working group will undertake to develop an industry best-practice guidance on how an investigation of cloud data breaches should be conducted to ensure timely detection of data breaches; accurate identification of root cause(s) and timeline; proper handling of evidence for legal admissibility; and, reporting to management of affected organizations and regulators.

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Businesses are now demanding a stronger collaboration between both development and operational teams and adding their relative security teams. This additional force that creates DevSecOps is transferable to the idea that prior to this implementation, DevOps skipped the security step which after deployment of applications created roadblocks once confronted with issues that arose with this specific exclusion. The true focus of DevSecOps is to create a transparent and full circle management life cycle that leverages all of the components of DevSecOps to ensure timely and full functioning application deployment that include proper security steps through every process rather than at the end.

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Global Security Database (GSD)  

Global Security Database (GSD) Working Group and discussion

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Security as a Service  

In today's world of so many SecaaS offerings, CSA's SecaaS working group strives to establish general categories of security services, and provides guidance on what should be expected as a standard set of functionalities in any given category.
This working group is in the process of being revitalized, and co-chairs are currently being determined. Once leadership is confirmed, charter revision and forecasting deliverables will begin.

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