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Working Group Organization
CSA Support

• ZT Inquiries - [email protected]

• Erik Johnson - [email protected]

• John Yeoh - [email protected]

Research Working Group Co-chairs

• Jerry Chapman

• Jason Garbis

• Chris Steffen


The CSA Zero Trust Working Group has the following nine work streams:
 1.  Zero Trust as a Philosophy & Guiding Principles
 2.  Zero Trust Organizational Strategy & Governance
 3.  Pillar: Identity
 4.  Pillar: Device
 5.  Pillar: Network/Environment
 6.  Pillar: Applications & Workload
 7.  Pillar: Data
 8.  Automation, orchestration, visibility & analytics
 9.  Zero Trust Architecture, Implementation & Maturity Model

Expressions of interest in working group and specific workstream participation can be registered here or by sending an email to [email protected].


Latest Discussion Posts

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  • Yes, please do Erik! Max participation and questions is great. ------------------------------ Philip Griffiths Head of Business Development NetFoundry ------------------------------

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  • To be honest, @Erik Johnson , anyone interested in ZT & Blockchain... if we can announce more widely, that would be awesome. The Jeju team has read this thread and will try to ensure they cover all the questions that have come up. ​ ------------------------------ ...


  • New Zero Trust Training: Key Features & Technologies of Software-Defined Perimeter

    The Cloud Security Alliance is excited to release Key Features & Technologies of Software-Defined Perimeter, the third course in our online Zero Trust Training (ZTT) program. This new course will provide learners with an in-depth look at the key features and technologies of SDP for securing today's and tomorrow's IT infrastructureswhether they are on-premises, in the cloud, a hybrid of the two, or a case with multiple cloud service providers.

    Learners will be introduced to the principles of Least Privilege and Need to Know, policy-based authorization and access controls, and the similarities and differences between SDP and SDN.

    This course is a great fit for users in any of the following roles:

    • C-Suite (CEO, CTO, CISO, CIO)
    • Managers and Decision Makers
    • Cybersecurity Analysts
    • Security Engineers and Architects
    • Enterprise Architects
    • Security Administrators
    • Compliance Managers
    • Systems Engineers
    • Developers

    The ZTT program covers eight areas of Zero Trust knowledge and will be rolled out in a series of six courses available on CSA’s Knowledge Center. To learn more about CSA’s Zero Trust Training program, download the ZTT overview and get started

    Special offer for CSA Members!

    Through December 31, CSA corporate members receive 50% off the ZTT bundle on the Knowledge Center, which includes six online ZTT courses and one exam token. Fill out this form to claim 50% off the ZTT bundle or learn how you can create a custom ZTT package for your team that meets the unique needs of your organization.

  • Zero Trust Working Group Meeting Deck & Recording

    Thanks to everyone who attended and participated in the CSA ZT Research Full Working Group call today.

    Links to the deck and meeting recording are below. We look forward to continuing these discussions online in the ZT Circle community and in future workgroup and workstream meetings.

    A key next step is for volunteers to select and join the workstreams that they want to participate in. 


    Meeting presentation: ZT Full WG Meeting 10-18-2022.pptx


    Meeting recording:

    Passcode: ZeroTrust2022!

    The actual meeting starts about 13 minutes in

  • CSA Zero Trust Research - Full Working Group Meeting Scheduled for 12/20

    A Zoom meeting has been scheduled for 3PM ET Tuesday 12/20 and at the same time the third Tuesday of every month thereafter. Meetings will be recorded for subsequent viewing.

    ZT Research volunteers registered as of 10/12 should have received a meeting invitation. Full details and link to a downloadable ICS file are available at the link below.

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